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SIZZLE by Gary Smolker- Posted October 29, 2016

A Comment on Visionary Tom Ford’s Newest Movie “Nocturnal Animals” – Posted October 24, 2016’s-newest-movie-“nocturnal-animals-by-gary-smolker

Empires of the Mind – Posted October 18, 2016

How to Grow the Economic Pie for Everyone- Posted October 14, 2016

An Open Letter to Nick Cannon, “King of the Dancehall” – Posted October 9, 2016

Creating Desire – Posted October 9, 2016

Super-Achievers – Posted September 26, 2016

Real Men – Posted September 21, 2016

Dinner with the Two Most Interesting Men In the World and Femme Fatale – Posted September 2, 2016

Bitter Sweet Love – Posted August 6, 2016

Magical Women – Posted August 2, 2016

“Superhumans” – Posted July 16, 2016

Life Style, Charm, Culture, Majesty of Nature and the Built Environment – Posted June 30, 2016

Best Cake in the World – Posted June 7, 2016

Nature-Deficit Disorder – Posted May 25, 2016

A Woman’s Sexual Appetite – Posted May 5, 2016

The Importance of Being Fun – Posted May 8, 2016

Don’t Let Life Run You Over You!  Be Creative – Posted May 8, 2016

The Way Different Cultures Mix in Los Angeles – Posted May 8, 2016

Superstar Friends – Posted April 30, 2016

Culture Mix – Posted April 23, 2016

Living Home – Life Elegantly – Posted April 23, 2016

Living Life Elegantly – Posted April 22, 2016

Understanding Women – Posted April 17, 2016

WOMEN ROCK – Posted March 30, 2016

Carpe the Hell Out of This Diem – Posted March 13, 2016

“Cool” on Steroids – Posted March 13, 2016

Chocolates In An Art Form – Posted March 3, 2016

Imagination, Intellectual and Style Capital if the World – Posted February 19, 2016

“You Can’t Cheat Reality – Posted February 14, 2016

Cool on Steroids (Part Three):  Keep Calm and Nosh On – Posted February 14, 2016

Cool on Steroids (Part Two):  Life is God’s Gift to You.  What You Do with Your Life is Your Gift to God – Posted February 11, 2016

The Purity of Pure Emotional Communication, How We Shape Our Environment and How Our Environment Shapes Us – Posted February 6, 2016

Boost Your Creative Energy Level by Going to Venice, California!  Venice Is “Cool on Steroids” If You Know Where to Go – Posted February 6, 2016

The Future is Happening Right Now In Los Angeles – Chocolate Soup, Bullfights, World Championship Sumo Wrestling Matches, etc. if You Know Where to Look.  The Future is Happening Right Now In L.A. because (a) L.A. is the world’s biggest creator and exporter of culture; (b) L.A. is the modern day capital of intellectually driven creativity; © L.A. is the entrepreneurial capital of the world; (d) L.A. is in a post-growth phase with a diversity if ethnic and cultural populations – Posted February 3, 2016

A Modern Day “Canterbury Tales” Told Through Redacted Copies of Recent Uninhibited Email Conversations with Gary S. Smolker – Posted February 1, 2016

A Natural and Confident Woman Owns The Room Every Time – Posted January 31, 2016

A Declaration of Dependence – Posted January 26, 2016

She Is A Parisian – Posted January 22, 2016

Where The Men Are – Posted January 19, 2016

Is Chocolate Toothpaste An Appropriate Birthday or Valentine’s Day Gift – Posted January 8, 2016


Food, Sex, Chocolate and Mortality Are The Four Great Givens of Human Existence – Posted December 31, 2015

“The Sea Washes Away the Footprints of Parted Lovers In The Sand” – a movie review of “The Revenant” and book review if “My Grandfather’s Gallery – Posted December 28, 2015

Why I Write Movie Reviews – Posted December 26, 2015

How to Portray Emotional Torments – A Movie Review of Paolo Sorrentino’s “YOUTH” – Posted December 13, 2015

The Perfect Picture of Love In Action on Christmas Eve, A Tzaddik’s View of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth – Posted December 25. 2015

“Death Before Decaf – Is Coffee A Health Food?” – Posted December 5, 2015

“Living Life Fully, Living the Sybaritic Way of Life – What You Gotta Do When Lightning Strikes You and What You Ought to Do When Making An Important Decision in Your Life – You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover – Posted January 24, 2015


How and Why Places Attract People – Posted December 27, 2014

Human Flourishing & Success and the Impact of Vision, Drive and Biological and Sociological Forces On Our Lives – A Movie Review of “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks – Posted December 23, 2014

Introverts and Extroverts, Personality and Success – a Book Report by Gary S. Smolker on “Me, Myself and Us – The Science of Personality and the Art of Well Being – Posted December 18, 2014

Panache, Feminism, What Women Want, How to Host A Dinner Party and Other Topics Discussed in “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are” – a book report by Gary S. Smolker – Posted December 14, 2014

(Who Owns the Truth?) My First Regular Irregular “Keep the Pot Boiling” Column – ISIS, Rabid Fury, Status of Women, Strife, Mayhem, Political Correctness and the Future – Posted November 24, 2015

November 2014 Traveler’s Guide to Sex, Politics, Celebrity, Business, Panache, Style, Culture, Individuality, Leadership, Relationships and Personal Chic on A Lonely Planet – Posted November 17, 2014

“Manners” and “Family Life” Reflected in “Changing Times” and “Polite Society” – Posted November 2, 2015

A Philosophical Comment About Critical Thinking, Political Candidates, Entertainment, Free Speech and Narrative Vividness – Posted October 31, 2015

The Sound of Silence in the Eastern Sierra – Nature Does Not Have to Make A Noise to be Seen or Heard or Felt – Posted October 25, 2015

A Commentary on the Political Campaigns of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, An Analysis of Why Donald Trump’s Political Campaign Has Been So Successful, A Modest “Proposed Gun Control Legislation” and A Movie Review of “Our Brand Is Crisis” – Posted October 10, 2015

Poetic Soulful Gracefulness Practices of Graceful People, Being In Tune with Nature and As One with the Poetic Panache of the Dance of Nature and My Love Affair with Passionately Expressive Signs which Make Me Smile and Give Me Joy – Posted October 10, 2015

“The Intern” – a study of human beings in their raw habit – a movie review by Gary Smolker – Posted October 3, 2015

What My 2015 Toronto International Film Festival Experience Was Like – Best Meal I Ate, Best Films I Saw, Most Wonderful Things I Heard and the Joy of Being in Toronto in September – Posted September 23, 2015

Why Diets Don’t Work – a book report of “Cool” and movie review of “Trainwreck by Gary Smolker – Posted August 2, 2015

Masculinity, Donald Trump, Cultural Cachet, Cultural Biology, Freedom of Speech, Vigorous Political Debate, Automation Feminized Political Candidates, the Feminization & Neutering of the American Male and the Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal – July 24, 2015

Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?  The Future of Books Printed on Paper, Old Skills and New Skills Necessary to Maximize Your Opportunities for Success and The Aesthetic That Beauty is Bound To Perishability – Posted July 4, 2015

How to Have The World’s Best Male-Female Relationships – Posted April 11, 2015

“Good Listening Habits” – Posted May 31, 2015











































































An Artistic, Political and Social Manifesto Regarding Sexually Explicit Movies and Modern Medicine – Posted October 26, 2014

Movies, Pop Culture, the News Media, Oil Prices and the World Economy Are Weapons in the Islam vs Western Civilization Culture War – Posted November 7, 2014

Let There Be a Spotlight on Excellence in Movie Making (Part One) – Movies which Deserve A Best in Excellence in Movie Making Award According to Gary S. Smolker – Posted October 21, 2014

You Are What You See – A Commentary on High Fashion, Style, Sophistication, Glamour and the Business Genius of Louis XIV In “A Little Chaos”  A Movie Review – Posted September 25, 2014

Burning Questions Prompted by Stephen Hawking’s Motor Neuron Disease and Sex Life Depicted in the Movie “The Theory of Everything” and Movie Review – Posted September 9, 2014

“Would Paris Be Better Off If the Eiffel Tower Was Half As Tall?” – Posted August 10, 2014

Being Brilliant is Not Easy – Posted August 12, 2014

The Entire World As Envisioned by A Person Living on the Amazon River – Posted May 21, 2014

If You Want Big Success Build A Business That Responds to A Big Trend – Footnote No. 4 in Gary S. Smolker’s Mentor’s Journal – Posted April 15, 214

Artificially Sweetened (Diet) Drinks Are More Hazardous to your Health Than Sugary Drinks – Footnote No. 3 in Gary S. Smolker’s Mentor’s Journal – Posted April 13, 2014

Warning A High Powered Time Starved Woman Working While She Hurriedly Easts Breakfast that She is Creating Stress Which Might Lead to Having a Heart Attack – Footnote No. 2 in Gary S. Smolker’s Mentor’s Journal – Posted April 11, 2014

Time-Starved Women in High-Powered Careers – Footnote No. 1 In Gary S. Smolker’s Mentor’s Journal – Posted April 5, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter Leah About Climbing Volcanoes – Posted April 4, 2014

















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