Red, White and Green Dinner Plate – by Gary Smolker

Red White and Green are the colors of the Italian flag.

Below are photographs of the Red White and Green Dinner Plate.

In the foreground of one photo you are looking at a dab of red Marsala Sauce and a dab of Green Pesto placed on a slice of White Mozzarella Cheese, in the background you are looking at Farro covered with green pesto and miscellaneous slices of mozzarella cheese and various sliced/cut tiny slices of tomato.

Also, I photographed the bag the Farro came in.

Farro is an ancient grain of the Mediterranean.

Farro was a mainstay in ancient Rome.



Two responsive descriptions I received after sharing the above photographs:

  1. This dish is light digestible and super delicious.
  2. So delicious love the ingredients.  I did not know about Farro before.  I’m going to going to forward this onto my daughters Laure and Morgan who love good food like this and enjoy cooking and preparing the this type of nutritious yummy food like you’ve thoughtfully shared. Thanks. Sounds so yummy.

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Sunday Morning Bachelor Breakfast – by Gary Smolker

Sunday Morning, October 29, 2017


Breakfast Pie

The pie pictured below is not a quiche.

It is not an omelette.

It is a savory cake made with eggs spinach and yummy top secret ingredients.

I found it on my kitchen counter when I woke up this morning.

It can be eaten as a breakfast or as an appetizer.

It can be cut up in various shapes and eaten straight up or on bread.


Pesto with Two Slices of Bread


Chef AninA

My yummy breakfast (pictured) above was prepared by my Italian chef Chef AninA.

Chef AninA, life many serious chefs, has secret recipes which she doesn’t disclose.

Last Night

Chocolate Cold Brew Coffee Candy Bar

I had a delightful fun date last night.

The high point of my date last night was discovering the Candy Bar at Trader’s Joe’s pictured below.

My date and I went out to dinner, then we went to Target to return something, then went to buy foodstuff at Trader’s Joe’s.

I discovered the candy bar show above while in the checkout line at Trader Joe’s last night.

While in Target and while in Trader Joe’s I saw many beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers.

Below are photographs of some of them.


I love looking at fresh cut flowers on sale at grocery stores.

After we had dinner, my date and I went to to Target and to Trader Joe’s to do some chores.  While she was doing those chores I looked at bouquets of fresh cut flowers on sale at Target and at Trader Joe’s.

Fresh Cut Flowers for Sale at Trader Joe’s


Fresh Cut Flowers for Sale at Target


Last night I discovered Target and Trader Joe’s sell fresh cut flowers.

The photos directly above are photograph of three bouquets of  beautiful fresh cut flowers which I saw were for sale at Target last night.

The three photographs above those three are photographs of beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers I saw on sale at Trader Joe’s.


What was going on in your kitchen while you napped on Sunday afternoon?

While I was napping Sunday afternoon, Chef AninA made two different kinds of gluten free walnut cookies from scratch in my kitchen.

Below are photographs of Chef AninA’s fresh baked cookies she put in a cookie jar on a counter top in my kitchen while I was napping.

Here is a yummy question: Is the cookie jar on the left half empty or half full?




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IMPECCABLE FOOD – by Gary Smolker

Create the Catalyst Moment that Brings You the Person You Want to Be – Make and Eat Good Food

Below are photographs I took as my dinner was being prepared at home in my kitchen by my Private Italian Chef this evening.

Photos of shrimp being cooked in White Wine Sauce with Parsley and Garlic.


Photos of salad — cooked shrimp were placed on top of this salad


Photos of shrimp placed on salad.


Photos of Asparagus Side Dish


Asparagus cooked in water, butter sauce and garlic.

Velvet Soup

A variety of vegetables were pureed to create a smooth velvety soup with no lumps.  Afterwards Feta Cheese was added and stirred in.

Report on Instagram @garyspassion

I post on Instagram @garyspassion.

Below is a photocopy of my post reporting on this meal on Instagram @garyspassion, taken within a few seconds of posting.


Food is more than pure art.

Food touches all the senses.

The Italians have a saying that applies to preparing and eating food, “Mettere i puntini sulle i.”

When translated means, “It is important to put all the dots on all the “i”s.


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Refinement – by Gary Smolker


There is nothing wrong with admiration.

Every meal you eat should be delicious.

Each bite should be so delicious it makes you to stop to savor the taste of what you are chewing.

Eat slowly, very slowly, chew each bite many times before swallowing.

Savor what you are about to read and see what is presented to you solely for your enjoyment, below.


Knowing brings you knowledge.

Knowledge makes you savor life, makes you savor every moment.

Knowledge is like a diamond.

When it is raw it is beautiful.

When it is cut it is magnificent.

When a diamond is cut it brings in the light.

Refinement is the end result of a quest for knowledge.

Refinement Is About Completion

Below is a description of a complete meal.

A Refined Meal

Thursday night (October 19, 2017) I ate a complete meal.

My complete meal consisted of:

  1. First dish: Soup – velvet zucchini soup.
  2. Second dish: Entree –  lamb, stuffed zucchini, salad
  3. Third dish: Desert – crepes stuffed with honey and walnuts Serbian style and topped with ice cream.

Below are photographs I took while that meal was being prepared.

Velvet Zucchini Soup

Velvet zucchini soup is a soup with no lumps; the zucchini has been pureed.

Below is a photograph of the pureed zucchini (with other ingredients in the pot it was cooked in) which I ate as the first course of my dinner last night.

Below is a photograph of the velvet zucchini soup in a soup bowl after parmesan cheese and pepper added to the zucchini puree shown in the first photograph, the photograph above.

The first course of my dinner last night (the soup pictured above) was absolutely delicious.


Below is a sequence of photographs I took as the lamb (I ate for dinner last night) was being prepared.

The lamb was marinated for 12 hours prior to being put in a skillet.

The lamb was sautéd in its own juice, with no oil added.



Stuffed Zucchini

Below is a photo of the stuffed zucchini (which was baked in tin foil in the oven in my kitchen) just before it was completely taken out of the tin foil in which it had been baked.

The stuffed zucchini was crunchy tasty and yummy.


Below is a photograph of the salad, I ate last night, on the plate it was put on before the zucchini and lamb chop was placed on the same plate.

This mixed Italian salad has tomatoes, radicchio, crescenza, spinach and arugula.

The Second Course

Below is a photograph of the second course, the entree.

Each component (the lamb, the stuffed zucchini and the salad) of this entree was made from scratch with love.


My dessert consisted of a crepe stuffed with honey and walnuts Serbian style.

I put several scoops of McConnell’s Peppermint Stick Ice cream on top of my crepe.

My chef put several scoops of Alden’s Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream on top of her crepe. 



Eat food from all over the world prepared from scratch with love.

Be romantic.

Love life.

Love yourself.

Be refined.

Refinement is elegance.

Be elegant.

Live elegantly.

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Dessert – by Gary Smolker

Eat Well, Live Well

Through a series of random events I now have an Italian Chef creating delicious meals for me, from scratch, in my kitchen, in my apartment.

The photograph above is a photograph of the entree she prepared for my lunch today.

She prepared that entree while I was working at home.

While the shrimp in that entree were cooking on a skillet on the stove in my kitchen, my workspace was filled with the aroma of breaded shrimp cooking in cognac with garlic, parsley and a pinch of salt.

She also prepared a delicious dessert.





Yummy things are not created “just like that.”

It takes time to create yummy things.

My chef created the lunch pictured above in 15 to 20 minutes, more or less.

Not all great meals are created/prepared that quickly.

Last night my chef created a dinner for me that she took six hours to prepare.

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Sex Education on Instagram @garyspassion – by Gary Smolker

Sex Education on Instagram @garyspassion

Male and Female Vegetables

Are there male fennels and female fennels?

Were you aware that there are male fennels and female fennels?

If you followed me on Instagram @garyspassion you would know there are male fennels and female fennels.

Cooking Is A Way of Getting In Touch with Yourself

You need to be connected to food.

Your connection to food echoes in all aspects of your life.

Be sure to get your children a “Colossal Carving Kit” if they don’t already have one.

Women Should Go Where They Are Celebrated

Many women over 59 years old lose confidence in themselves, they fear men no longer find them attractive.

That is ridiculous.

The most sexually attractive thing about a woman to a real man is how a woman caries herself.

There is nothing more sexy than a woman of valor, a Sabbath Bride, the Sabbath Bride that Orthodox Jewish Men sing about in their prayers every Friday night.

or whether you have large breasts or small breasts or how you smell is not as important as how you carry yourself as a woman.

WOMEN: Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated. Don’t go where you are only tolerated.  Go where you are celebrated.

Would You Like to Try Something that Is Really Yummy?

Would you like to try something that is supper yummy that will touch all your senses and make you lose your memory?

Taste a spoonful of Vanilla Yogurt with Blue Berries and Raspberries and a spoonful of love.

It really will touch all your senses.


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Best – by Gary Smolker

Dinner Party

I went to a dinner party in Beverly Hills Friday night, July 28, 2017.

Seven of us sat around a table in the kitchen, eating dinner and talking to each other.

Dinner was Buffet style – serve yourself.

Shiny Shoes

The hostess wore the shiny shoes shown above.

Painted Ceiling

While going from the driveway to the front door one passes under a painted alcove.

See photos above.


One of the husband-host’s and wife-hostess’ daughters and the daughter’s husband were guests.

Myself and two other people who are not members of the host and hostess’ family were also guests.


During a discussion about how the use smart phones to instantly exchange information has changed everybody’s life one of the guests, Kevin, who is an Internationally Famous South Korean florist, told of about a recent experience Kevin had.

While in Manhattan (which is on the East Coast of the United States),  Kevin was invited by the head/chief chef at “Per Se” to come into the kitchen.

Kevin told us about his experience in the kitchen at Per Se.

  • The kitchen at Per Se is immaculately clean, orderly, and organized.
  • All the people working in the kitchen are also immaculately clean, orderly and organized.
  • The work flow is totally organized.
  • A screen on a wall in the Per Se kitchen in Manhattan in real time shows what is going on in the kitchen at the French Laundry.
  • The French Laundry is located on the other side of the United States, on West Coast in Napa Valley.
  • Both Per Se and The French Kitchen restaurants are owned/operated by 5 Michelin Star winner Chef Tom Keller.
  • Kevin was told the kitchen in the French Laundry (located on the West Coast) has a screen which has a continuous feed showing what is going on in the Per Se kitchen in Manhattan.

The Palate and Its Pleasures



Various dishes (pictured above) were set out on a counter in the kitchen.

Each guest served themselves, buffet style.

It was a delicious meal.

Persian Culture

The host and hostess come from a culture where it is not unusual for an entire day to be spent preparing one dish that will be served at dinner.


After everyone finished eating their dinner, dessert was served by placing different dishes on the kitchen table.

Each guest served themselves — buffet style — whatever they wanted to eat for dessert.


The Best

The best is achieved by attention to detail.

The dinner described above is a Persian style “home cooked meal.”

The meal I enjoyed for dinner Friday night was cooked with love, craftsmanship, skill and quality control by the hostess.

Her husband is a very lucky man.

It is am grateful to be his friend and her friend and to be their frequent dinner guest.


Mere luxury quickly becomes boring.


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The First Kiss – by Gary Smolker

I Ate It

I went to a small dinner party last night.

The host and hostess had one of their daughters and their daughter’s husband and three other guests over for dinner.

Dinner began at 8:00 p.m.

Persian Dinner Party

It is not unusual for Persians to spend an entire day preparing dishes they will serve for dinner.

Last night was that kind of meal.

It was an absolutely fabulous “home cooked” meal.

The seven of us spent the entire evening seated around a table in the kitchen: talking, serving ourselves food and drink, and eating.

The cake served for dessert (pictured above) was beyond being a masterpiece.


The display of items set out on their kitchen table for dessert …  is a picture to write home about.

See photographs below.

When I sent the above set of photos (via email) to a friend of mine in Sicily, she replied:

“Don’t forget the cake Caprese…with ciocolate and almonds” and sent a picture of the cake Caprese which she and her husband had served me and my daughter Leah when Leah and I were guests last month, in their 300 year old farmhouse (converted to a bnb), in Ragusa Sicily. inviato da iPhone

The First Kiss

With all of the above on my mind and day dreaming, while waiting to be seated for breakfast this morning at a local cafe, I asked the hostess if she remembered her first kiss. She replied, “Yes.”

“She was thirteen.  He was seventeen.

“They were on a cruise in Mexico.

“She could hear the waves crashing…

“It was awesome.

“She has never forgotten that kiss, or the name of the boy who kissed her.

“Nor has she forgotten she was a little drunk after having drunk several beers.”

I also had a first kiss I will never forget.  Hasn’t everyone?

I was living in Berkeley, California, attending the University of California at Berkeley.

We were on a camping trip on a beach on the Pacific Coast, 20 or 30 miles North of San Francisco, in the City of Inverness.

Her date, and my date, and everyone else on the camping trip except the two of us, had fallen asleep.

We were still awake, the campfire was still burning, stars were still blazing in the sky.

We stayed up all night talking to each other, as the campfire went out.

We went back to our dates, while they were still asleep, at the break of dawn.

I suspect, I didn’t kiss her.

But, I will never forget that night, that experience, or her name.


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“Willing to Sell Husband for Chocolate” – by Gary Smolker

Willing to Sell Husband for Chocolate


I posted the above photograph with commentary on Instagram @garyspassion yesterday (on July 22, 2017), then sent a copy via email to a happily married male friend of mine isn’t an Instagram participant/he doesn’t read Instagram posts on Instagram.


My friend replied:

“My wife is doing a triathlon this weekend – pedicure, manicure and a clothes shopping spree.”


Staying Ahead of the Curve

I replied:

“Stay ahead of the curve.  

“Be a regular reader of  “Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes”

“Be a regular reader of the “Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange” blog

“Follow me on Instagram @garyspassion

“Read my article on “The Perfect Wife” at

“Read my article on  “Shopping” at

ASIDE: At 11:43 this morning (July 23) there were 43 likes posted to my “Willing to Sell Husband” post (copy above).

The man who sent me the note that his wife is doing a triathlon this weekend, has told me he is a world famous humorist whose cartoons are being  read by millions of people each time they are published.

I appreciate the one on one attention he gives me.

In good humor,

I remain very truly his friend,

Gary S. Smolker

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Instagram – by Gary Smolker

The above photographs were recently turned into posts on Instagram @garyspassion by me.

Below are photos of some of my recent posts on Instagram @garyspassion.

More Photos Turned Into Posts on Instagram @garyspassion

The four photos below with commentary have been posted by me Instagram @garyspassion.



I celebrate freedom of choice in what I wear (when I am not appearing in court as a trial attorney) and so does everyone else in America.

In Los Angeles people can wear whatever they are in the mood to wear and have the courage to wear.

Below are photos of men wearing t-shirts which exemplify the freedom of expression that is practiced all over America.

I turned those photographs into posts on Instagram @garyspassion.  See photos below.



I saw the two guys in the t-shirts above waiting to get into a Deli (Nat’s Early Bite) and took the above photos of them as I was leaving.

A “Painkiller” is a drink served in the British Virgin Islands.

A “Harley-Davidson” is an iconic American motorcycle.

Unique Diverse Population Defines American Civilization

American culture is unique in the history of the civilizations of the world.

America is defined by having a multitude of differences in one place, a diversity of cultures and ideas created by a population of people in the United States who are all living in the same country at the same time.

Some people believe that the fact that America has a population consisting of people who belong to a diverse mixture of cultures and who have a diverse mixture of ideas and beliefs is the reason America is such a productive and creative place to live.

Motorcycles and Optimism Symbolize the American Way of Life

Optimism gushes in America.

“Every time I start thinkin the world is all bad, then I start seeing some people out having a good time on motorcycles – it makes me take another look.”  Steve McQueen

Even years after his death, Steve McQueen remains an icon of cool.

In his movies, McQueen always had a great motorcycle or car.

A love of motorcycles pulsates in America.

See photos below recently posted by me on Instagram @garyspassion.

These photos/Instagram posts vividly portray American’s present day love for motorcycles.

Go to Instagram @garyspassion for a broader view of life in America.




I have photographed many badass people in L.A. and then posted the photographs I took of them with my commentary on Instagram @garyspassion.



I’ve also posted my photograph (shown below) of computer nerd Kyle with commentary on Instagram @garyspassion

Current Posts on Instagram @garyspassion

Currently, I have posted 873 posts on Instagram @garyspassion.

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