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The above photographs were recently turned into posts on Instagram @garyspassion by me.

Below are photos of some of my recent posts on Instagram @garyspassion.

More Photos Turned Into Posts on Instagram @garyspassion

The four photos below with commentary have been posted by me Instagram @garyspassion.



I celebrate freedom of choice in what I wear (when I am not appearing in court as a trial attorney) and so does everyone else in America.

In Los Angeles people can wear whatever they are in the mood to wear and have the courage to wear.

Below are photos of men wearing t-shirts which exemplify the freedom of expression that is practiced all over America.

I turned those photographs into posts on Instagram @garyspassion.  See photos below.



I saw the two guys in the t-shirts above waiting to get into a Deli (Nat’s Early Bite) and took the above photos of them as I was leaving.

A “Painkiller” is a drink served in the British Virgin Islands.

A “Harley-Davidson” is an iconic American motorcycle.

Unique Diverse Population Defines American Civilization

American culture is unique in the history of the civilizations of the world.

America is defined by having a multitude of differences in one place, a diversity of cultures and ideas created by a population of people in the United States who are all living in the same country at the same time.

Some people believe that the fact that America has a population consisting of people who belong to a diverse mixture of cultures and who have a diverse mixture of ideas and beliefs is the reason America is such a productive and creative place to live.

Motorcycles and Optimism Symbolize the American Way of Life

Optimism gushes in America.

“Every time I start thinkin the world is all bad, then I start seeing some people out having a good time on motorcycles – it makes me take another look.”  Steve McQueen

Even years after his death, Steve McQueen remains an icon of cool.

In his movies, McQueen always had a great motorcycle or car.

A love of motorcycles pulsates in America.

See photos below recently posted by me on Instagram @garyspassion.

These photos/Instagram posts vividly portray American’s present day love for motorcycles.

Go to Instagram @garyspassion for a broader view of life in America.




I have photographed many badass people in L.A. and then posted the photographs I took of them with my commentary on Instagram @garyspassion.



I’ve also posted my photograph (shown below) of computer nerd Kyle with commentary on Instagram @garyspassion

Current Posts on Instagram @garyspassion

Currently, I have posted 873 posts on Instagram @garyspassion.

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