The Perfect Wife – by Gary Smolker

Wedding Cake




My friend Ray and His Wife Dianna decided to cut up their wedding cake in 300 plus slices, shrink wrap the slices, nicely wrap the slices and put each wrapped slice in a nice/pretty bag and to give each bag to the guests at their wedding celebration instead of serving “wedding cake” after dinner at their wedding celebration.

After dinner Dianna explained there would be no cake served because everyone was probably full.

Dianna also explained why they (she and Ray) were having a wedding celebration with 300 friends and family members instead of going to Las Vegas.

Ray explained how and when they met — Ray told us the exact time and date.


Everyone who was sitting at the table I was sitting at (except my “date) was a relative of Dianna.

Nobody sitting at the table I was sitting at knew Ray (except me) or how Dianna met Ray or knew that Dianna and Ray were getting married until they received an announcement telling them to save the date July 1, 2017 four or five months before.

Ray and Dianna


Blind Date

After dinner Ray and Dianna each gave a speech.

Ray explained that he met Dianna on a blind date on August 24, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Ray explained that a “Blind Date” is a date on which you often wished you were “blind.”

However, his blind date with Dianna was different.  He and Dianna had chaperones on their “blind date.”

Three people who knew both of them (knew both Ray and Dianna), arranged their blind date and accompanied them (Ray and Dianna) on their first date, their “blind date.”

Romantic 300+ Guest Wedding Celebration instead of Going to Las Vegas

During her after dinner speech, Dianna told everyone present:

Dianna told Ray she wanted to have a wedding celebration.

Ray told Dianna: “People our age don’t need to have a wedding celebration. If you want to celebrate we can go to Las Vegas for the weekend.”

Dianna told Ray: “Its my/our wedding and I want a big party to celebrate our wedding, and to invite all our family and closest friends to our party/wedding celebration.”

Dianna explained that she wanted all their closest friends and family to get together at something other than a funeral.

Dianna called out her friends from the second grade, her high school college counselor and people who had worked with her at each of her jobs who were present at this wedding celebration and she called out people who had worked for her in her company who were present and asked each one of them to stand and raise their hand.

Ray and Me

After four hours of partying, I loosened my tie and Ray changed his jacket.


The minimum requirements for friendship are:

  • You must be able to trust your friend.
  • Your friend must be an absolutely honest person.
  • Your friend must be loyal to you.
  • Your friend must look out for your best interests.

Ray has always been my friend and I have always been Ray’s friend.

Ray and I have known each other since we were classmates in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley in the 1960s.

The Perfect Wife

Femininity is essential.

The perfect wife is a woman who is already happy and is confident in her ability to remain happy.

The perfect wife is a woman who is affectionate and friendly, towards me especially.

The perfect wife is a woman who I laugh with all the time.

The perfect wife is a woman who is always making me think and teaching me something new.

The perfect wife is a woman who is inspirational.

The perfect wife is a woman who becomes my companion.

The perfect wife is a woman I want to share my life with.

It takes intelligence to look good.

Most people don’t know what it takes to look good.

The perfect wife knows what it takes to look good, knows how to look good and looks good to me all the time.

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