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What do you think that “Hair Salon” (Nori’s Eco Salon, A Certified Green Hair Salon) does?

Do you think that Nori’s Eco Salon is a special hair salon for people with green hair?

Geographical/Sociological Coordinates

Nori’s Eco Salon is located on Ventura Blvd. in Encino, California.

Encino is an affluent section of the City of Los Angeles and is located in the San Fernando Valley.

Ventura Blvd. is a trendy boulevard that runs through trendy sections of the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles: Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino and Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley.

The Power of Social Media

This morning (Thursday, June 29, 2017), I posted the above photograph on Instagram @garyspassion.

A female friend of mine, a major real estate developer based in Manhattan, immediately sent the following email to me and to an additional thirty-two additional other people.

“Amazing! A special salon for people with Green hair!”

I replied:

“You can’t stop progress!”

Another East Coast Real Estate Developer, on the green hair email distribution list, replied:

“Please take me off your green hair email mailing list.”

I then replied to the person who asked to be taken off the green hair email list.  I sent a copy of that reply to the person who voiced amazement that there is a special salon in Los Angeles for people with Green Hair:

“No more green hair email will be sent to you by me.

“By the way, the salon does NOT specialize in green hair, it specializes in conducting its business in an ecological and environmental protection mode.”

The female real estate developer who voiced amazement that there is a hair salon for people with Green Hair had for many years has been an international diplomat and has lived all over the world.

She replied:

“They should have worded their sign differently,  The photo you sent shows their sign clearly saying ‘Green Hair Salon.’  They meant it to be ECO friendly but unfortunately their wording is open to misinterpretation.  Hip young People with pink hair and blue hair might be afraid to go in…”

Words Are Important

Many people are confused by that sign.

A Los Angeles based female psychotherapist mentioned to me that she “too” thought the salon was for people with Green Hair.

She told me: “When I saw that photograph I wondered why the salon specialized in Green Hair instead of in Blue Hair, or Pink Hair or Purple Hair – which are more popular than Green Hair in Los Angeles.”

Later in the afternoon, I advised the female diplomat/real estate developer that I didn’t know if she was joking or not.

The former diplomate turned East Coast developer replied:

“Of course it was a joke — I understood what the Eco People meant, but wanted to point out the absurdity of how carelessly they had worded their green concerns when saying Green Hair Salon.”

Appearances Matter in Los Angeles

Below is a photograph I took of a man at a business meeting I had with him earlier this week.

The man in the above photo is a Los Angeles based movie producer.

He, like every successful person in the movie business in LA, knows that image matters, that appearance matters and that it is important to leave a lasting visual impression with everyone who sees you.

Los Angeles/Hollywood is the world capital of people who have enormous presence, celebrities.

It is a well know fact in the sophisticated Los Angeles business community that in the movie business when any actor or actress audition(s) for a role the only thing that matters is if that person LOOKS like the right person for the role.

The same holds true for other professionals and for everyone involved in business endeavors.


In Hollywood audition are always taped.

The people making the decision to book an act or actor or actress are rarely in the room where/when the actor or actress is auditioning for a role.

The people who make the hiring decision look at the tape later.

The only thing the people who make the hiring decision care about is whether the actor or actress looks right for the role.

New York

In contrast, in New York  actors and actress go to auditions in jeans.

Actors and actresses go to auditions without concern for how they look.

Their concern/goal, when they audition for a role, is to show emotion, to show acting craft, to show that they can act.

The Ethos/Logos of the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the undisputed Celebrity Capital of the world.

In Los Angeles, we are working hard to make pleasure, art, spirituality and luxury complimentary experiences.

Gary Smolker

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