The Impact of Emotion on Judgment and Behavior – by Gary Smolker

Food for Thought: Teach In A Room Full of Good Vibes.  People Think Better When They Are Happy.

Below are photographs I took at a coffee and dessert reception I attended Wednesday night, December 7, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City, California.

I attended that event with Christy Rusk, a twenty-six year old chef.

Christy explained to me the artful skill in cooking and baking and the creative power of the chef that was physically and gastronomically displayed in the desserts on the dessert table at the reception.

The photograph below is of Christy holding a macaroon, which Christy ate and which is in Christy’s hand.

Christy took a multitude of deserts from the desert table in the reception area, put them on a plate, and then took the plate of deserts she had chosen from the desert table into a room adjoining the desert table room, before the presentation began.

According to Christy the macaroon displayed in Christy’s fingers in the photograph below is a masterpiece.

Christy pushed down on the top crust of the macaroon.

The crust gave in, then rebounded back.

Christy advised me that is a remarkable crust.

Only a crust made by a highly skilled chef would do that, have that physical property.

Before finishing the macaroon, Christy took that macaroon apart.

Christy explained to me how difficult it was to achieve the bubbly surface of the inner platform positioned in the multiple levels of the macaroon.

Christy explained each component piece and layer of the macaroon to me.

She explained the feel and taste effects that created the overall experience of eating that macaroon.

The pastry chef was like a world-class architect in terms of the effect the structure and taste of this  macaroon had on me.

In my opinion, that macaroon is a piece of fine art.

Serve Unforgettably Stylish Deserts and Good Coffee At Events

I will remember attending that reception as a night of eating delightful and stylish deserts.

Eating those deserts relieved stress.

Eating those deserts made me very happy, created a good mood.

Note: desert is stress spelled backward.

Eating those deserts made me ready to learn, made me ready to enjoy the lectures to be presented that evening at that event.

Below is a photograph of Christy holding the partially eaten macaroon described above.


Below is a photograph of a mini-lemon-meringue pie, after Christy had taken a bite of it.

Christy is holding that mini-lemon-meringue pie in her fingers.

I can testify from personal knowledge about the experience of eating that mini-lemon-meringue pie.  It is as delicious as it looks.


There were an infinitude of candies and pastries and fruits for the guests to enjoy.

The coffee was wonderfully delicious coffee.

The coffee and deserts were in a separate room the guests entered from a hallway before advancing to an adjoining room.

The lectures at this event were presented in the adjoining room.


After looking at the photographs of what was on the serving tables in the reception area, don’t you agree that STYLE IS EVERYTHING?

The picture on the far right is of mini-cheese cakes with chocolate medallion top.

Event Planners, Take Notice: Interesting Speakers Will Attract Interesting Audiences

The speakers at this event emoted/radiated great style.

It was clear to everyone in the audience that these speakers are people who live a life of action; the speakers are people who are fully engaged in a life of action, doing very practical relevant and interesting academic research work.

Their enthusiasm was contagious.

Everyone in the room was infected.

Life Is A Fashion Show for Stylish People

Stylish people are interesting.

Stylish people connect to themselves and to others.

Having style is a sign of having an organized mind.

Having style is a sign of being a creative brainy person.

Life is a fashion show, where the best style wins.

It was impossible to look at the stylish deserts on the desert table and not take one.

That is the way the world works.


Style is important.

Style is everything.

Shoes are the beginning touch of complete style.

You should have seen the shoes the women in the audience were wearing.

The women in this audience were women who express themselves – their identity to themselves and their identity to others – by wearing very elegant put-together ensembles of outerwear.

The clothing worn by the women in the audience made it very clear that this was a brainy audience.


The two speakers at this event are full-time university professors at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev.

They are presently living in America, while working as visiting scholars at prestigious American Universities.

One of the speakers was Dr. Hila Riemer.

Hilda is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University in addition to being a Professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Hilda spoke about “The Effects of Emotions on People’s Judgments and Behavior.”

It is obvious to me that the results of Hilda’s academic research and the opinions that Hilda holds on the effect of emotions on judgments and behavior can be used, ought to be used, and is probably being are by advertising firms.

The other speaker at this event was Hilda’s husband Dr. Raziel Reamer.

Hilda’s husband, Dr. Raziel Riemer is a Visiting Scholar at the University of California Berkeley campus, and also a Professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Raziel spoke about social roboticsin particular “How Understanding Human Motion Can Improve People’s Lives.”

Raziel told us:  “Eventually robots that will be social companions to elderly people, much like dogs are now companions to people.

In my imagination, the results of Raziel’s academic research combined with Raziel’s opinions on body motion and bio-mechanics when combined with Hilda’s opinions and research results on the effect of emotions on people’s judgments and behavior should be coveted by engineers and social scientists who design robots.

The purpose of the reception was to introduce the audience to these two academics who are visiting scholars temporarily working at Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley.

RANGE OF TOPICS DISCUSSED  Both speakers spoke about our emotions, motions, and what is in between.


  1. The intellectual level of their presentations was high. They knew they were speaking to people who have long attention spans, to people who do not have to be looking at their smart phones all the time.
  2. The point made by both lecturers is that there is an inter-relationship between people’s minds, what people wear, their emotions, their posture and their motions; there is also an emotional and physical relationship between how express themselves with their posture related to their body motions and to the clothing a person is wearing.
  3. Every aspect of a person’s outward appearance is related to their emotional state.  A person’s emotion state is related in the way they move their body.
  4. What the people in the audience were wearing reaffirmed to me that style makes the world go round, that style is everything.
  5. What the people in the audience wore was extremely understated.
  6. If you want to make an impression, Hilda emphasized being understated is very important.
  7. If you want to persuade people, if you want to get results, it is necessary to be impactful.
  8. In that regard, Hila insisted that advertisements with low arousal are remembered longer than advertising with high arousal.
  9. To be impactful, pictures and illustrations used in advertisements must be relevant to the product or service being advertised.
  10. In other words: What you communicate must be internally and externally “relevant.” –
  11. What women in the audience at this educational event wore at this event was testimony to that principle.
  12. I still remember the shoes women were wearing at this event.
  13. The handbags and jewelry I saw at this reception and lecture program were also very memorable.
  14. In response to my questioning (from the audience to Raziel about the bi0-mechanics-ergonomics of high priced Stuart Weitzman shoes and high priced Jimmy Choo shoes and high priced Christian Louboutin shoes), Raziel insisted that because of bio-mechanics high heel shoes should never be worn.
  15. Being the charmer that he is, Raziel mentioned that it took Raziel 20 years to convince his wife Hilda to stop wearing high heel shoes.
  16. A woman in the audience stated that when she was in her 20s she wore high heels, and later in life had to have three foot surgeries as a consequence of wearing high heels when she was in her twenties.
  17. Raziel talked about the action implications of the interrelated facts that the Japanese are world-leaders in robotics and the population of Japan is dropping dropping dramatically by the tens of millions because the Japanese people living in Japan are not reproducing.
  18. Japan is becoming a country of old people who need care.  But, there are not enough young people living in Japan to care for the physical and emotion needs of their elderly and aging population.
  19. This has led to a ton of money being spent by Japanese firms and being spent by the Japanese government on human motion research and on human emotion research that to be used in designing robots to do the job of taking care of the physical and emotional needs of the elderly.
  20. Raziel spent considerable time talking about the design parameters for robots that will be designed to replace human and animal caregivers.
  21. Raziel predicted that humans and pets who presently care for the emotional and physical needs of the elderly will be replaced by robotics.

The sign below was projected on a screen in the room where the speakers spoke.

This sign summarizes the topics and academic credentials of the speakers.

Each of the speakers presented information with emotion.


ASIDE:  Information without emotion isn’t retained.

Audience Profile

Due to the wonderful snacks available on the serving table in the adjoining room, a giant pot of delicious coffee and an array of cold drinks for attendees to choose and take to the adjoining room before the talk was given –  some of us (myself included) ate and drank both during the presentation and before the presentation.

As a result we were on a sugar and caffeine high while we were listening to the speakers’ presentations.

Many of the people attending this event needed an energy boost at this time of night.

The lecture began at around 8:00 p.m. Most of the people in the audience were over 60 years old.

This was going to be a late night.  I didn’t get back to my home after the presentation until almost 11:30 p.m.

Every women attending this educational program was elegantly and fashionably attired.

Women wore stunningly beautiful high fashion shoes and elegant jewelry.

They came with stylish handbags.

The ladies in the audience were obviously accustomed to being around money and spending it.

Below is a picture of the unique and highly fashionable shoes one woman at this event wore at this event.

None of the women in the audience at this event wore tennis shoes, sneakers or sandals.

All the women attending this event carried their “stuff” in elegant handbags.

The handbag on the floor at the feet of one of the youngest ladies in attendance at this event is a Prada handbag.

Prada products are high fashion products.


The jewelry on display was fine arts museum quality jewelry.

Look at the ring on the right hand of the woman in the photograph below.

I took two pictures of the fruit and candy that lady put on her plate, to snack on before and during the presentation.


The handbags the women had at this event were elegant works of art.

Below is a photograph of the handbag of the woman sitting in front of me at the table I sat at during the presentation.


Shoes are the beginning touch of complete style.

Look at two photographs below …. which I took of shoes being worn by two of the younger women who attended this event were wearing.




  1. Like attracts like.
  2. Birds of the same feather do flock together.
  3. People with good taste and refinement attract other people with good taste and refinement.
  4. Brainy people attract other brainy people.
  5. High performance money people attract other high performance money people.

The world is a classroom in which we can all soak up lessons and stories to fuel our path forward.

Everyone attending that program is amazing. I’ve done my best to showcase that in this report.

Copyright © 2016 by Gary Smolker, All Rights Reserved

About Gary S. Smolker

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: No enterprise can exist for itself alone. Every successful enterprise ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others. Otherwise, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist. Imagination, open mindedness and flexibility are the most important factors in unlocking potential. Those who embrace innovation, improvisation, continuous learning, time management, are action oriented, high energy, passionate, creative, purposeful and intense individuals are best equipped to succeed. We all have ideas and the ability to make progress by sharing information and our ideas and also by changing our ideas when appropriate. We should always be on the lookout for teaching and mentoring moments. We hold time like water in our hands; however tightly we clench our fingers, it drips away. But, if it falls on a seed, a seed may grow to become something that will have a positive social impact. PERSONAL INTERESTS: I have a passion to learn, to innovate, to lead, to mentor and to teach. I seek to write things worth reading and want to do things worth writing about. I enjoy (a) driving a fast car, (b) having intense conversations (c) teaching/mentoring, (d) reading and (e) being involved in productive activity. PERSONAL: I believe in cultivating and backing passionate people, innovation, and old fashioned good ideas. I love making human connections and spreading good ideas. I am strongly motivated to achieve in situations in which independence of thought and action are called for. PERSONAL GOALS: I want to live life vibrantly, to be as sharp as a tack until my last breath and to change the world by being me. My personal goal is to be fully engaged in life, to lead by example, to set high standards and to continue to amass firsthand experience and knowledge in all that interests me. PERSONALITY: I love fun and mischief. I relish absurdity. I have an irreverent, facetious and satiric disposition. I dread boredom. I have spent a lifetime reading. I have no bias against people who have lived successful and/or complicated lives. I write to release tension, to get things off my chest. SOCIAL MEDIA: I post articles on the "Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange" blog at, and "Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes" at I also post images and comments on Instagram @garyspassion. CONTACT INFORMATION: Gary Smolker, Smolker Law Firm, 16055 Ventura Blvd., Ste 525, Encino, California, 91436-2609, USA. Phone 1-818-788-7290, e-mail

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