SIZZLE by Gary Smolker

A Controversy

This morning a friend (Richard Gibson) asked me what I have been doing.

I told Richard,  “I have created a game called SIZZLE by Gary Smolker“.  It is a mind-game about the status of women.

Richard then asked me, “What kind of game is that?”

I answered, “A discussion game.  I pose the topic ‘the status of women’ then tell what I think is the role and status of women then other people discuss that.”

Richard was alarmed.  Richard told/advised me with alarm, “That is too controversial!”

I replied, “I am going to post SIZZLE by Gary Smolker on the Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange blog for people who use the Internet to ‘play.’

Richard replied, “Okay.  I will go to your funeral and give an eulogy.”

My game topic – the role of women – and my creation of the game SIZZLE by Gary Smolker is my reaction to seeing a table consisting of a woman on her knees supporting a clear table top on her back in the TV room of an extremely wealthy man.

Below is a photograph of the table that drove me to create the game SIZZLE by Gary Smolker .

That table is the only table in the TV room of a very wealthy man’s home.


Upon seeing that table, I wondered,

  • What kind of artist would create a table like that?
  • What is the message the artist is presenting?  What does the artist who created that table want people who see that table to think and/or to think about?
  • What type of art collect would purchase such a table and put it as a functioning piece of furniture in his home?
  • What message, if any, is the collector presenting by placing that table in his TV room?
  • What does that table say about the role of women in society?
  • What does that table say about people’s/a society’s view of women and the role of women in society?
  • What does that table say about women’s view of the role of women in society?
  • What is the role of women in society today?
  • What is the state of sexuality in contemporary culture?

I invite you to play SIZZLE by Gary Smolker by telling me and/or the world at large your thoughts about the status and role of women in society?

What are your thoughts on sexuality in contemporary culture?

What are your thoughts on eroticism?

You are invited to play my mind game SIZZLE by Gary Smolker by posting your comments on any of those topics directly on this blog post, or by sending me your personal comment/reply directly to me at

Your answer to the above questions will be a reflection of whether or not you are hip, of your “hip quotient” on women and gender issues of the day.

The house in which I saw that table is a museum open at no charge to the public by appointment.

The museum is owned by a foundation (the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation) started by Frederick R. Weisman, the man who lived in that home.  Frederick R. Weisman died in 1994 after spending 40 years collecting art.

When I showed that photograph to a friend of mine, she asked me: “Have you ever been to a sushi party?”

I replied, “No. What is a sushi party.”

She replied,

  • “A sushi party is a party at which you eat sushi off the bare back of a totally nude woman.
  • “The totally nude woman is on her hands and knees.
  • “The sushi is on her bare back.”

Mr. Weisman’s home is full of original modern artwork created by famous artists such as Paul Cezanne, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Willem de Kooning, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Claes Oldenburg, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Alexander Caldwell, and Andy Warhol.

Mr. Weisman’s home is now is a marvelous art museum.

The sensual table above (in which a woman is the base of a table) was created by the British pop artist Allen Jones, who is best known for his human furniture which depict women in the role of furniture.

In this piece of furniture, the artist has set up a theatre in which the viewer’s assumptions will come into play demonstrating the truth of Anais Nin’s statement, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

Sex identity, gender identity, cultural role playing, social performance, psychosexual drives and identity were big issues in the Presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and remain big contemporary issues today.

My favorite Frederick R. Weisman quote is,

“I don’t think there is anything that communicates better than art – it is quicker than language and clearer than philosophy.”

With that in mind, what do you think the cartoon sent to me this morning (November 10, 2016) is communicating?


Be Hip

Be hip.

After reading this post, post your social comments on the role of women either on The  Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange blog at or on the Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes Blog at or send your comments directly to me by email at


Before I created SIZZLE by Gary Smolker, my friend Eric Teitelbaum put his toes into the waters of SIZZLE by Gary Smolker – the “What Is the Role of Women in Society Game” – by replying to my email request to tell me the definition of hip and why so many hip people are not satisfied with their lives.

I have known Eric Teitelbaum since we were classmates together in the 8th grade at Nellie N. Kaufman Junior High School in Palm Springs, California.

Although I was funnier and more of a cut-up than Eric, to his credit and glory Eric grew-up to become an internationally famous cartoonist and my consultant on how to be hip and on how to look less uncool.

A Brief History of Eric’s Involvement

On October 24, 2016, I posted a movie review of “Nocturnal Animals on my Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog at and notified Eric that I had done so.

I posted a recent picture of myself taken, which was taken on October 19, 2016, in my office in Encino, California at the end of that email.


After posting my movie review of “Nocturnal Animals” I sent an email to Eric in which I asked Eric:

  • “What is your definition of ‘hip’ and
  • “Why is it desirable to be hip?
  • ‘Why are so many ‘hip’ people not satisfied with their lives?’
  • Later I asked Eric: “Are you a perfectionist workaholic provocateur?”

Eric commented on my “Uncool Appearance” in the photograph above by email.

See copy of email exchanges below.

On Oct 26, 2016 8:09 AM, “Gary Smolker” <> wrote:


Are you a perfectionist workaholic provocateur?

Check our the excerpt below from my post (posted last night on Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes at titled WHEN WOMEN HAVE A MESSAGE TO SEND THEY FLAUNT IT.
Below is an excerpt from a post on Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes posted on October 25, 2016.
That woman is wearing high heels.
Look at her high heels.
Look at her good looking body.
Are the pictures above charged with erotic frisson?
Why did the artist create that sculpture?
What was/is the message presented to you when you look at that sculpture?
What is the meaning of that sculpture to you?
Why did the art collector purchase that table?  Why did he put that table in his TV room?
Check out my entire piece on the role of woman titled WHEN WOMEN HAVE A MESSAGE TO SEND THEY FLAUNT IT, posted last night on Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes at
By the way, don’t forget to ride a motorcycle.
I know artists work when they feel like working.
I know artists do what they feel like doing when they fell like doing it.
Below is a picture of the type of motorcycle I have in mind for you.


I repeat the woman holding the table top on her back is wearing high heels.

  • What is the symbolic importance of that woman wearing high heels?
  • What message is being sent by a woman when she is wearing high heels – to men?
  • What message is being sent by a woman wearing high heels to other women?
  • Is the message being sent by a woman wearing high heels (a) that she wants to have fun, (b) that she is a confident woman, (c) that she is willing to endure pain to look prettier/more beautiful?
Look at her high heels again.
Look at her good looking body.
Below is a picture of the type of motorcycle I have in mind for you [Eric].

Eric’s Rejoinder

Eric replied:

“Yo Gary!

Stop Worrying– You are HIP!…but you can even appear more HIP by looking less UNCOOL…

Here’s the secret sauce:

  • “Hire a stunt double to stand in for all your photos… (maybe a Ryan Seacrest type… I hear he works cheap!)
  • “Get some work done— Maybe a little face, neck, rhino or liposuction… (all the while announcing on your website that you intend to age gracefully)
  • “Commit a minor crime… then in lieu of rehab, appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars!’


“My good friend, Gary,

“I love the ‘lighter side’ as much as you do…btw: great motorcycle!  :)”


Today’s political gag:


“So many Celebrities are threatening to move to Canada that most Canadians are threatening to move to Alaska.”


I love beauty, art, painting, music, sculpture, books and gardens.

The question “What is the role of women in society is a biased question?

The real question is “What are the roles of men and women in society?

Below is a photograph of my good friend Femme Fatale and me taken while we were on a tour of a neighbor’s villa, in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.

The neighbor’s villa contains an art collection.

Femme Fatale and I both love art.

Seeing the art collection in that neighbor’s villa was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

The owner of that villa – the man who collected the art that is in that villa – has passed away.

His villa is now an art museum and open to the public.

It is open to viewing for free by the public by appointment.

His villa still contains the exact same furniture and art that surrounded him while he was alive living in that villa.

Passion for Art and Beauty

That villa is a testament to that man’s passion for art and beauty.

By acting on his passion for art and beauty he left a legacy for the public, including Femme Fatale and me, to enjoy.

Femme Fatale and I both have a love and passion for art and beauty.

Femme Fatale and I have known each other for about five years.

Look at the fantastic sculpture on the front lawn of that villa with Femme Fatale and I standing in front of it.

The photograph below was taken on Tuesday, October October 25, 2016.


Below is a photograph, taken by me on October 25, 2016, of the entry way and front door of that man’s home.


Gorgeous Women Are Often Surrounded by Rich Men

I am attracted to intelligent women – such as Femme Fatale – who are artistic, who love painting, poetry, music, the performing arts, books and science.

I’ve noticed a connection and an intersection between art, beautiful women and rich men.

  • On October 29, 2016 I received an email which confirmed the connection/intersection between art and beautiful women and rich men which I’ve always seen and felt.
  • That email contained an article about rich men who purchase nude sculptures of women who are their mistresses and/or high priced escorts.

[Aside: Many rich men have the attitude that women are objects and believe they are superior to women in every way.  I, on the other hand, am attracted to women who are superior to me in one way or another.]

For full details about that connection/role of women/status of women in society, see the October 27, 2016 issue of “The New York Times” article titled A SCULPTOR REAPS THE REWARDS OF ART DEALS BROKERED IN THE BEDROOM.

The gist/story line of that article is that artist Skye Ferrante makes abstract portrait sculptures of women who are the mistresses of rich men and/or high end “escorts.”  Those women pose in the nude.  The sculpture Skye creates is an abstract portrait.

He and his models sell the sculpture of their nude bodies of the models to men in their life who want to have a keepsake abstract sculpture of her.

According to that article Skye and his model share sale proceeds equally, 50:50.

One of Sky’s customers is quoted as saying the sculpture he purchased was beautifully constructed. He is also quoted as saying:

Its depiction of the woman, her hair unruly and her eyes closed, was abstract enough for anyone to appreciate, but realistic enough that he – through not his wife – could still recognize her.

His wife likes the sculpture  but she doesn’t know anything about it.

The article goes on — sculptures have been displayed in the buyers’ homes, with few who saw them knowing what inspired them.

After reading that article I sent the following reply to Mayer.  My reply was inspired by my belief in the equal status of men and woman.

“Great article.

“Who hasn’t given a gift a woman who is a rock-star-among-rock-stars?

“Better yet, who hasn’t received a gift from such a woman?”

My Comments Re The Role of Women and Men In Society

The world has changed since I got married in 1968.

Births to Unmarried Women

According to an article I read: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Vital Statistics Report reports: births to unmarried women in 1960 was 5%; 23% in 1986 and 41% in 2012.

Women Are More Than Baby Producing Machines

The world is full of beautiful, caring, intelligent, witty, poetic, artistic, sensitive women and men who love them.

Below is a picture of one of them, Femme Fatale, taken at the Rose Cafe, in Venice, California on February 10, 2016.


Femme Fatale and I have shared many adventures with each other.

The Rose Cafe is a very special hip place in Venice, California.

Femme Fatale had never heard of the Rose Cafe.

I knew she would enjoy being there.

That is why I took her there.

Being with someone who enjoys the same thing(s) you do is very enjoyable to both parties.

Women and men who do things together that both enjoy are more than a sex object to each other, or a cash machine and more than a servant or each other’s servant.

The Role of  Women

My belief is that the role of a woman is to make a home which is a warm place a man will want to come home to.

My belief is based on what I experienced while I was going up, before I got married in 1968.

In the 1960s the issues of gender identity and same sex marriage was not on the table for discussion and most married women did not have a ‘paying job’, married women stayed at home.

The Role of  Men

My current belief is that the role of a man is to help a woman make the home a warm place for both to come home to.

My current belief is based on my experience too.

Most women I know today, college educated women and women who have not graduated from college, have a paying job outside the home.

Some women have to work at two or more jobs in order to be self-sustaining.

Today, many college educated men and women live at home with their parents while in their 20s and into their 30s because they can’t find a job or a combination of jobs that will pay them enough money for them to be self-sustaining.

Under such circumstances it is not physically or emotionally possible for women to handle all household chores by themselves.

It is necessary for men to “help out around the home”, to do household chores.

The Role of Money

Today, it is not unusual for a woman to make more money then her boyfriend or her husband.

Mental and Emotional Compatibility

My belief is that money is much less important than “mental compatibility.”

Both man and woman must “approve” of each other, respect each other, enjoy being with each other, be willing to “sacrifice” and to “compromise” to make each other happy and at the same time must be true to themselves/be true to their identify/their self-image.

Both man and woman must be willing to stick together through good times and bad and must make the best of everything together.

They must be happy to laugh together and to cry together.

You don’t have to be rich to treat yourself, or to treat the woman in your life, or to treat the man your life.

Flowers Are A Life Force

Give the woman in your life flowers.

Give the man in your life flowers.

Give yourself flowers.


Live Is Lovely and Fleeting

Life is lovely and fleeting.

Flowers are the hallmark of spring.

There is no surer sign of renewal in the world, of awakening and rebirth.

Flowers are incorporated into ritual and sacrament the world over, as emblems of eros, beauty, perfection, purity, fertility, joy, love, spiritual transformation and resurrection.

We flourish in concert with the flower(s) around us.


MEN: Give the woman you care about flowers.


Life is more artistic than art can ever be.

Flowers make a home a warm place to come home to.




Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes



Copyright © 2016 by Gary S. Smolker, All Rights Reserved

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