Cool on Steroids (Part Two): Life is God’s Gift to You. What You Do with Your Life Is Your Gift to God. — by Gary S. Smolker

Be Your Own Valentine

I particularly admire talented people who are spiritual and full of courage; and who emote love, trust, and imagination.

Yesterday (Wednesday, February 10, 2016) I was thrilled to see the “Be Your Own Valentine” sign pictured below as I was walking by the Rose Temple Salon on Rose Avenue, in Venice, California


The Rose Temple Salon is located at 305 Rose Ave., Venice Beach, California, across the Street from the Rose Cafe & Market.

Check Out The Restrooms at the Rose Cafe & Market

I wrote about the Rose Cafe & Market [located at 230 Rose Ave.] in an article titled “Cool on Steroids” Part One, which I published on my blog [“The Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog”] on February 6, 2016 at go-by gary-s-smolker/.

A Friendly Woman’s Restroom

Below is a picture of flowers painted on a wall in the women’s rest room at the Rose Cafe & Market.

That picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday, February 10, 2016) by my friend Femme Fatale.


Below is a photograph of a picture of a “Sun Rise” – also painted on a wall in the woman’s restroom.


Below is a photograph of a picture of “Sun Set” painted on a wall in the woman’s restroom.


Below is a picture of Femme Fatale — my friend who took the above pictures.


Regarding my friend Femme Fatale, see my comments below under the heading “In Defense of Good Humor.”

Femme Fatale is a “Good Karman Person.”

I took the picture of Femme Fatale (above) while Femme Fatale, inside the Rose Cafe, before we sat down at the counter to order lunch.

A Friendly Men’s Room

Below are pictures of paintings on walls in the Men’s Room at the Rose Cafe & Marketplace taken by me on February 6, 2016.

These two paintings are what you see in front of you if you are sitting on the toilet.



The painting below is painted above the two urinals.



The Rose Temple Salon

The Rose Temple [Beauty] Salon on Rose Avenue, in Venice, is a good karma establishment.

All services, at the Rose Temple Salon, are provided on a [good karma] pay what you think they are worth basis.

Below is a picture of Andrea Noble, Hair Designer at Rose Temple Salon.


Karma Based Prices for Services Rendered

The Rose Temple Salon is a “hair/beauty salon” which provides services [Blow Dry, Men’s Cut, Men’s Color, Women Dry Trim, Women Specialty Cut, Base Color, Full Color, Highlights, Keratin) on Karma based prices. 

Service prices are only suggested.

You pay what you think the service is worth.

“Cool on Steroids Building”

Below are pictures of the building in which the Rose Temple Salon conducts its hair sytling business.

The address of the Rose Temple Salon is 305 Rose Avenue, Venice, California.

I am the man in the photograph (below) holding the potted plant.


The “open door” (in the photograph below) is the front door [entry] into the Rose Temple Salon.


Below is are close-up pictures.






The Hood

Below is a painting on that portion of a wall on a building that borders a parking lot behind the salon.


Below is a photograph of the signs above and to the side of the entry door to an eating establishment a few blocks east of the Rose Cafe.





The first picture below is a picture of the hamburger I had for lunch at the counter at the Rose Cafe & Marketplace yesterday.

In the background (behind my hamburger) you can see a vase with flowers, set on the counter top, and a partial picture of one of the food preparation areas in the kitchen visible from the counter.

There are six food preparation areas in the kitchen visible from the counter where I ate my hamburger.


Below is a picture of the same hamburger taken at a different angle.  You can see more of the food preparation area in the photograph below then in the photograph above.

I had a side order of sliced avocado with my hamburger, which you can see on the counter in the dish behind my hamburger.


Below is a picture of Justin Fulton and Joveleen (spelling ?) Sanchez.

They prepared the lunch served to us.


After lunch, Justin and Femme Fatale had an animated conversation about the kitchen, the six prep areas in the kitchen.

You Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover

I sent the photo below to three of my friends who do not know Femme Fatale.


They responded as follows:

  1. AWESOME.  This obviously rules me out but women shouldn’t be judged negatively for the common preference for established, high status partners.  (Meanwhile, I can imagine guys like Balocca, Gisler and Fane thumbing their noses at all us beta-level monkeys lower down the food chain. LOL.
  2. I noticed the “I” is lower case… she apparently thinks she is not worthy. …
  3. Has she checked your inheritance?

In Defense of Good Humor

One of Femme Fatale’s hobbies is “kickboxing,”

Femme Fatale is extremely physically fit, extremely physically active, extremely mentally active, extremely artistically active, extremely professionally active, extremely socially active.

The wealthy men I know “hate” “Gold Diggers.”  They hate being with women that treat them (the men) like ATMs.

Femme Fatale is very smart and very experienced in the ways of the world.

Femme Fatale knows that is how rich men “think”/”feel.”

Femme Fatale has been on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes.

Femme Fatale has been in places in Africa where the local people had never seen a white women before.

Femme Fatale is looked up to by thousands of people all over the world.

Femme Fatale is the type of woman who wants to pay her own way when she is with a man.

Femme Fatale puts everyone at ease.

She is extremely down to earth and not at all moody, grumpy or “filled up with herself.”

You should have seen Femme Fatale in conversation (in French) with the man (Jerome Caillens) who sold her the bread she purchased at the Rose Cafe & Marketplace yesterday.

You should have seen Femme Fatale in animated conversations with Justin Fulton about food preparation and cooking stations she observed: (a) the Aeutemp plancha heated by steam  – used to cook burgers and buns; (b) the 12 double baskets for pasta preparation; (c) the French top — thick steel top with flame under; (d) the wood fire oven for preparation of pizzas, cauliflower, roasted avocados; (e) the Garde Manger for preparing salads and avocado toast; and (f) the J & R Grill for Rotisserie Chicken, Bronzino,Bone-in-Ribeye, and grilled radicchio.

Femme Fatale “cooks.”

Femme Fatale has confidence.

Femme Fatale has a down to earth sense of humor and is down to earth.

Femme Fatale would have been flattered by Napoleon’s attention even as short as he was.

At 20 years old Femme Fatale would have given Napoleon her heart and life.

Not at 60.

Femme Fatale is looking for a more simple life for the solid 30 or 40 years she has left to enjoy her life on this earth.

Femme Fatale is enchanting.

When I told Femme Fatale, I think of her and she should think of herself as a computer full of information I have never come across.

She replied, I can’t think of myself as a computer.  But, I can think of myself as a killing machine.

Everything we do – including all the decisions we make – sends a message about who we are.

Femme Fatale is subtle, clever, highly intelligent, very physical, down to earth, artistic, spiritual, talented, sophisticated, worldly and enchanting.

Friendliness of Femme Fatale and of All the People We Interacted with at the Rose Cafe & Marketplace Yesterday

Even in Los Angeles, where neighbors do not know the name of the person living next door, community still exists.

Yesterday, all of us – Femme Fatale, me, Justin Fulton and Jerome Caillens – had a great and friendly time together at the Rose Cafe & Marketplace on Rose Avenue in Venice.

Copyright © 2016 by Gary S. Smolker, All Rights Reserved

About Gary S. Smolker

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: No enterprise can exist for itself alone. Every successful enterprise ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others. Otherwise, it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist. Imagination, open mindedness and flexibility are the most important factors in unlocking potential. Those who embrace innovation, improvisation, continuous learning, time management, are action oriented, high energy, passionate, creative, purposeful and intense individuals are best equipped to succeed. We all have ideas and the ability to make progress by sharing information and our ideas and also by changing our ideas when appropriate. We should always be on the lookout for teaching and mentoring moments. We hold time like water in our hands; however tightly we clench our fingers, it drips away. But, if it falls on a seed, a seed may grow to become something that will have a positive social impact. PERSONAL INTERESTS: I have a passion to learn, to innovate, to lead, to mentor and to teach. I seek to write things worth reading and want to do things worth writing about. I enjoy (a) driving a fast car, (b) having intense conversations (c) teaching/mentoring, (d) reading and (e) being involved in productive activity. PERSONAL: I believe in cultivating and backing passionate people, innovation, and old fashioned good ideas. I love making human connections and spreading good ideas. I am strongly motivated to achieve in situations in which independence of thought and action are called for. PERSONAL GOALS: I want to live life vibrantly, to be as sharp as a tack until my last breath and to change the world by being me. My personal goal is to be fully engaged in life, to lead by example, to set high standards and to continue to amass firsthand experience and knowledge in all that interests me. PERSONALITY: I love fun and mischief. I relish absurdity. I have an irreverent, facetious and satiric disposition. I dread boredom. I have spent a lifetime reading. I have no bias against people who have lived successful and/or complicated lives. I write to release tension, to get things off my chest. SOCIAL MEDIA: I post articles on the "Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange" blog at, and "Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes" at I also post images and comments on Instagram @garyspassion. CONTACT INFORMATION: Gary Smolker, Smolker Law Firm, 16055 Ventura Blvd., Ste 525, Encino, California, 91436-2609, USA. Phone 1-818-788-7290, e-mail

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  1. Wow ! it is so much easier now to have access to a specific blog and to leave an answer.

    Gary! I suppose I forgot to check on your inheritance before accepting to go to these little escapades where we both take time to appreciate and exchange about the simple or complicated marvels of life !!! But I am checking now: Are you wealthy? LOL.

    I know it is difficult not to judge people by what they wear. Dressing is a manifestation of our personality.
    I choose the tee-shirt in full knowledge of its daring message. I thought it was witty. Me especially of all people… money does not fascinate me, talent does. I was well aware of its message and I don’t wear it very often because of that. I knew your sense of humor and open mind would find it funny, what I did not expect was that you would take a picture to post it on your blog… I should have known better! LOL again!

    That trip to Santa Monica to make me discover such a great interesting and delicious place
    was wonderful, thanks again. We were lucky enough to have the time and to fully appreciate the warm weather and the sharp crisp blue sky, along with the ride on the coast. Me driving!

    Your pictures are great.

    Maybe I would not have posted only 1 picture of the hamburger…. But it’s only me!
    The rest is so nicely presented and I am extremely flattered by the way you see and describe me. But you know I call you Ego booster!!!

    You would do so well as an Hypnotherapist! LOL again, as knowing how to suggest and inject confidence in people’s mind so they believe in their own power and use their own resources to achieve their desired outcome, is one of the most important keys to my work.

    Hope you had a good day. Talk to you soon and be well!

    PS: I will probably need your advice for starting a blog on my Website. I have absolutely no idea where to start! You are a great example for me, you work very hard at it and you will be extremely successful spreading your ideas and your philosophy of life.

    Femme Fatale.

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