Pure Spirit Meets Spiritual High – by Gary S. Smolker

What my friend says below, in reply/response to a note I wrote to my daughter Leah, is Absolutely FABULOUS,

Absolutely sexy.

Below is a copy of our correspondence with her name [Tiffany Bayless] and e-mail address [tiffany.bayless@gmail.com].

Absolutely fabulous.

Absolutely sexy.

Three of the sexiest moments I’ve seen/experienced:

1.  A fully clothed woman sitting on a couch, bent over to fix her shoe, her long hair dangling to the floor.  All I could see was the top of her head and her hair extending from her head to the floor.

2.  A woman coming out of the bathroom.  Her hair up in pins here and there; her face all aglow.  She is getting read to get ready to get dressed to go out.

3.  A woman waking up in the morning, fully dressed in her pajamas, with a happy look on her face.

Self-awareness and acceptance WINS every time.

If you post what you have written below as a comment to my post posted January 12, 2016 (originally titled “She Is A Parisian” now titled “My Femme Fatale Is A Parisian”) and/or as a comment to my post posted on January 24, 2016 (titled “Living Life Fully”), I will post the above as a reply to your comment.


I am going to spend a blind copy of this note (correspondence to some women I know) and a visible copy to some men I know.

Everyone is invited to reply/comment.

But please put your replies and comments on my blog at www.garysmolker.wordpress.com.

Tiffany, thank you.

You deserve all the fame and fortune that you have and the greater fame and fortune that is in your future.

With highest esteem and respect,

I remain confident and very truly yours,


—–Original Message—–
From: Tiffany Bayless, tiffany.bayless@gmail.com
To: Gary Smolker <gsmolker@aol.com>
Sent: Sun, Jan 31, 2016 10:56 am
Subject: Re: New Blog not like other blogs.

I wrote this last night and never sent it.  It was after I got home after having a few cocktails…. Wasn’t going to send it once I opened up my laptop today as it’s a stream of conscious writing.  I make some good points, but definitely can see that I was partially venting about some other things in my life.  I figured you would appreciate either way.

I truly believe confidence is key.  And by confidence, I mean self-awareness and acceptance.  There is nothing more intriguing than a woman who can walk into any room and own it.  The one where all eyes are on her and don’t know why.  She doesn’t have anything extraordinary…. except for her soul/spirit.

By own it, I mean she has a way that she walks, she has a way that she laughs, that shows she is completely and utterly ok with herself. All of her weaknesses and all of her strengths. That is the sexiest thing to men and woman.  No matter size or color or age.
To add on to your point, those who have confidence have more fun.  Yes.  Because they aren’t worried about what anyone else thinks.  They are taking care of themselves.  It’s not something magical like the movies make it seem when the pretty girl enters the room.  It’s mother nature.
What is the saying… “Behind every strong man, is a strong woman.” Absolutely true.
A true relationship is give and take. One to keep you strong and one to hold you up.  And those roles flip and roller-coaster on the regular.
I also agree that change is something that we have to accept.  Life is a journey and not a destination.  Some people fall in love with traveling.  When people travel, they are more open to new things.  It’s not a destination because, in their minds, it’s just for the moment.  A vacation. So they allow themselves to be more open to the present and stop worrying.  Travel is great for so many other reasons.  It opens your mind to new experiences and other people.  It opens you to new tastes, new foods.  It opens you up to something new.  But when we travel,  we do not have any preconceived notions about what our days are going to be like.  We don’t have any preconceived notions of what or where we are going today.  It just happens.  That is change.  When we travel, we accept change.  We intake the new experiences and do not question them.  It’s like a newborn baby.  Everything is brand new and for the “first time.”
As we get older our “first times’ become less and less.  From what I’ve experienced, that means we become more jaded.  When people are jaded and in their own bubble, they alienate people and it’s usually the closest to them. Confidence comes from being present and not thinking about the past or the future.  It comes from trusting in your own self. Whether you’ve experienced something a million times or not at all.  Confidence is key.  It’s facing whatever debacle or joy you are faced with.  You do not worry about the repercussions.  You just feel and you know. It’s an instinct.  People don’t talk about this emotion because it’s too hippie or weird. And most of the time it doesn’t make “sense.”  We are all human.  We all have instincts. Shame on the people who refuse to be aware of it.

On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 10:41 AM, Gary Smolker <gsmolker@aol.com> wrote:

You cannot lead from the crowd


When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun.

When you have a lot of fun, you can do amazing things.

Change is the way of life.

And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.


—–Original Message—–
From: Leah Smolker <easytospell03@yahoo.com>
To: Gary Smolker <gsmolker@aol.com>; Jason Fane <jfane@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jan 29, 2016 10:29 am
Subject: New Blog not like other blogs.



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  1. The basis of confidence is courage. If I recall correctly, Winston Churchill is reputed to have said “Confidence is the first of human virtues, for it is this virtue which guarantees all the rest.” Or something like that. And you are right, confidence is sexy. Confidence also includes the willingness to take risks, be turned down, fail, and make stupids. Again, Winnie said something like: “Confidence is the ability to go from failure to failure with enthusiasm!” Only when one takes a chance (i.e. risk) does one manifest confidence. The person I find sexy is the one that stands out because they are what they are. Confident. Sexy!

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