Burning Questions Prompted by Stephen Hawking’s Motor Neuron Disease and Sex Life Depicted in the Movie “The Theory of Everything” – and movie review by Gary S. Smolker


Updated October 12, 2014


September 9, 2014

 Burning Questions

Last night I saw the world premier of “The Theory of Everything”, a movie about Professor Stephen Hawking, a world renown theoretical physicist and cosmologist, at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

The movie prompted the following questions, in my mind:

  1. After Stephen Hawking lost the ability to control his motor function – the ability of his brain to control his muscles – how was he able to continue to have erections? [Aside: After Dr. Hawking had advanced stage motor neuron disease – the inability to control his muscles with his brain – he and his wife had three children together.]
  2. Is Dr. Hawking’s life story proof (or even evidence) that a man’s brain has no control over his penis, or the activity of his penis?
  3. Is Dr. Hawking lucky that there is no known medical treatment for motor neuron disease? [Aside: When it was discovered that Dr. Hawking had motor neuron disease, his physician told him, “I’m sorry there is nothing we/medicine can do for you.  You have two years to live.”]
  4. Is Dr. Hawking lucky that he and his wife were told that he had two years more, at most, to live when he was diagnosed as having motor neuron disease?
  5. Is the world or Dr. Hawking and/or Jane Wilde lucky that medical science believed Stephen Hawking had at most two years to live when it was diagnosed that he had motor neuron disease?


Dr. Hawking was a young graduate student at Cambridge when he was diagnosed as having motor neuron disease.

When he leaned he had motor neuron disease and only two years to live, he told his girl-friend Jane Wilde to “go away.”

Stephen explained to Jane that he had only two more years to live and that he would loose his physical abilities over that time.

Jane replied: “Then lets enjoy all of those remaining moments of your life together.  I can’t go away because I love you.”

After that:

  1. He (Stephen Hawking) married her (Jane Wilde) while he was a young graduate student at Cambridge.
  2. After learning he had at most two years to live, Dr. Stephen Hawking went on to earn and received a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and became a member of the world renown faculty at Cambridge University.
  3. While earning his Ph.D. degree and afterwards, Dr. Hawking formulated/created breath taking theories about the universe.
  4. Although Professor Hawking couldn’t speak (because he couldn’t control his vocal cords) he dictated a book (“A Brief History of Time”), which sold over 10 million copies.
  5. Dr. Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde had three children together.
  6. When this movie was recently made, Professor Stephen Hawking was over 70 years old.
  7. Professor Stephen Hawking is still alive.

Take Away

Intellectually gifted people are complex.

It is difficult to put them in a box because their minds are always expanding while they try to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Both Professor Hawking and his wife are heart centered people.

Throughout this movie the audience is shown Stephen Hawking taking one loving action after another to make Jane’s life better and Jane is shown taking one loving action after another to make Stephen’s life better.

There are many twists and turns in their lives as their story unfolds in this film unfolds.

In one scene, Jane, as Stephen’s wife, “saves” Stephen’s “life” by insisting that an operation go forward that might result in his death.

Their “love story” is one of the most romantic love stories of all time.

All people contemplating marriage should  ask themselves the following two questions regarding being a marriage partner:

  1. Would you marry him/her if you knew he/she only had two years to live and would be losing  their physical abilities during the next two years?
  2. Would you marry him/her if you knew he/she would be wheel chair bound and couldn’t speak or take care of himself/herself and is going to continue to live that way for more than 50 years?

Throughout this movie, this couple’s  (Stephen Hawking’s and Jane Wilde’s) behavior exemplifies the highest degree of  (a) mutual affection and practical companionship, (b) beauty and poise, (c) inherent grace, (d) the elemental beauty of humanity, (e) how one person in the universe (Jane Wilde) values another person’s skill, character and intelligence over the the other person’s physical appearance and physical ability.

Stephen Hawking and Jane show their extreme love for each other and their children by containing their own personal desires.

Dr. Hawking and Jane Wilde are depicted throughout this film as people who have a poetic nature and love spirit.

Throughout this movie they pulsate with energy at all times.

The audience see them at all times engaged in an intense genuine romantic love affair with each other.

They are an inspiration, a personification of the victory that may be achieved by a person who has spirited confidence and fully loves another unconditionally.

Contact me direct or by leaving a comment at the end of this post if you would like to discuss the film or any of the issues raised in this movie review.

I am willing to discuss the following two extremely controversial issues:

  1. (1) the issue of why I think the love expressed by Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde for each other is one of the most romantic love stories of all time, and
  2. (2) the issue of why I think Stephen Hawking, Jane Wilde and the world is lucky that medical science believed Stephen Hawking had at most two years more to live when Stephen Hawking was diagnosed as having motor neuron disease.

My email address is GSmolker@aol.com

Points of Excellence

The story told in this movie is a completely original story about two exceptional people and the exceptional lives they have lived.  The story told in this movie is not stolen from literature or from another movie.

Their lives, as portrayed in this movie has a strong clear consistent moral story line.

This movie communicates a clear consistent story.

At all times, the audience has a clear consistent understanding of what is going on and what the actors need to do next.

The characters in this movie reflect the zeitgeist of modern times.

The romance that exists between Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde ignites the imagination and provides an ethical direction for other people to follow.

The way the characters are shown dealing with each other and their own lives makes the characters in this movie great and also makes this a great movie.

The acting in this movie by the man playing Stephen Hawking (Eddie REdmayne) is fabulous.

Felicity Jones (playing Jane Wilde) also puts in a stellar performance.

James Marsh does a great job of directing.

Anthony McCarten’s screenplay is a work of genius.


Copyright ©2014 Gary S. Smolker


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  1. His disease doesn’t affect the involuntary muscles, like the sexual organs and the excretory system. His last child born in 1979, when he was already confined to a wheelchair.
    So will be there sex scenes on the movie?
    P.S. Sorry my english

    • Lena,

      There are no sex scenes in the movie “The Theory of Everything.”

      A friend of mine has informed me the condition causing Dr. Hawking to lose control of his muscles does not affect the control of “smooth” muscle, like those within the heart and the penis needed to regulate blood flow; with the right form of arousal Dr. Hawking can get an erection like any other male.

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